The Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) India Chapter is engaged in the activities for ‘advancement of  the science of formation evaluation’ of wells drilled for oil exploration and exploitation. The Society based at Mumbai is a chapter of SPWLA, Houston, Texas, USA and it is a non-profit organization.The chapter is a registered body under the Government of Maharashtra, India.

Technical personnel from different E & P oil companies and service companies engaged in India are the members of the Society. The Society has 40 SPWLA, USA members and 160 Affiliated  and 60 Student Members in the year 2008. The Executive Committee is an elected body which works without any pay, perks etc.

Any person with an interest in the study of well logging, formation evaluation and reservoir characterization shall be eligible to become a member of the Chapter, and shall be encouraged to become a member of the parent SPWLA.