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SPWLA India Events

TS-07th Feb 2020

Technical Session 2020

TS-31st Jul 2019

Technical Session

TS-07th Nov 2014

Technical Session

TS-30th Nov 2012

Technical Session 2020

TS-11th June 2010

Technical Session 11th June 2010

TS-2nd March 2011

Shale Gas Revolution-Managing This Awakening Giant By Ashok Sinha

TS-22nd May 2009-Sea Bed Logging

A.Murali Krishna, RIL

TS-22nd Sep 2008

NMR Applications By Sandeep Ramakrishna

TS-12th Jan 2007

Technical Session

TS-25th Aug 2006

Fracture Identification For Optimisation Of Wells In Neelam Field, R Bhatnagar

19th Mar 2007

1st SPWLA India Regional symposium-Value Addition through Lateral Evaluation 19th & 20th March 2007

18th Nov 2009

2nd SPWLA symposium-Innovations in Petrophysical evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs 18-19th Nov'2009

4th SPWLA-India Symposium 11th Feb 2017

4th SPWLA-India Symposium

3rd SPWLA-India Symposium

3rd SPWLA-India Symposium "Innovative Petrophysical Solutions for Management of Brown Fields"

Jan 2009

TS-9th Jan 2009

TS-15th April 2008

Technical Session

TS-29th July 2008

Technical Session